Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weeds & Flowers

My blog has a great new look thanks to Blogovers with Love. The design is called "Weeds 'N Daisies." After having too much caffeine before bed last night, I was up late thinking about why this design is just perfect for a "waiting" blog. Here's what my sleep deprived self came up with:

Weeds are a nuisance and aren't very pretty. We try to rid our lawns of them as quickly as possible. Funny thing is, my daughter just loves them. She has given me plenty of weed "bouquets" this spring. As she reaches out her little hand and presents them to me with such joy in her eyes, something magical happens to those weeds. Suddenly, they are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I "oooh and ahhh" over them just as she hopes I will. My daughter finds joy in those weeds and it's contagious.

Waiting is like a weed. We can try to get rid of it, complain about and hate "looking" at it. Or we can change our perspective and look for the joy in it. Maybe if we try hard enough, this field of waiting weeds will turn into a flower garden of good things.

Making it Personal:
The gals over at Blogovers With Love are a beautiful bouquet! Let's follow their lead and think about how we can turn our hobbies or talents into something good while we wait. I guess I'm taking up writing as a hobby (it remains to be seen if it will be a talent!). Hoping this blog will be a good thing. What are you are doing with your talents while you wait? Are you making a "good wishes" quilt, knitting blankets for the orphanage or taking meals to the elderly? Do you have a hobby, but aren't sure how you can use it for good? Leave me a comment and let's brainstorm and share our ideas.

Check back in again as we look for more ways to turn weeds into flowers!


Rebecca said...

I love this blog and will definitely be following along!!!

I think your perspective is wonderful. It's easy to become inwardly focused during a wait... even self-absorbed. What a positive thing for both us and others when we decide to "find the flowers". The wait should motivate us to do some good in the world!


Andrea said...

Wonderful. The girls at BlogOvers did a great job"setting your tone".
I'll be following, if that's O.k.


Sarah said...

(hands in the air) I've put down the Roundup, I swear!

Ladybug's Mom said...

Great idea! This wait is crazy, and we might as well make the best of it.

I, for one, am crocheting blankets to donate to the orphanage. Each one is made with love (and tears), and I hope the babies who find warmth under them will also feel the love from miles away until their Mommy and Daddy come for them.

Keep up the great work!
Danielle from HAIM

Alyssa said...

Great Blog, Michelle!

We'll be following along.

Our family... said...

Hey Michele !
What a wonderful idea. I love your blog! Yes, waiting can be painful or productive...depending on our outlook. You are always an inspiration.
Hugs, Lisa Jordan
...7 more sleeps, then off to China

bradley said...
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Laura Lee said...

Great idea, Michele.

We aren't waiting for children anymore, but I'd love to follow your journey and hopefully be inspired by what you're doing to fill your time.

I felt like my life was in limbo during the time I was waiting. Now I wish I could redeem the time I wasted.

You're being proactive and that is good.

Yvonne Crawford said...

That is awesome!!! So thought provoking. I will think about it and figure out a way to ease the pain of waiting.