Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting and Depression

Betcha think we are going to talk about the emotional side of waiting today? Nope, I'm referring to the next "Great Depression" the news media has been predicting these past few days. It's hard not to freak out if you watch too many news stories!

However, I think this long adoption wait has actually been good for us in relation to the economy. Since we know/hope that someday we will get a referral, we have been very hesitant to spend any money outside of necessities. We have been trying to save up for the adoption and the longer it takes, the more expensive it gets. Just shelled out another $550 to the home study agency for another update. I think I need to own a home study agency!

I feel like we have already gotten good at being frugal and knowing what's important and what isn't when it comes to material goods. Of course there are still a few things we could quickly remove from our budget if needed. (Cable, newspaper, preschool if we absolutely had to!).

On the flip side, I'm worried about my hubby's job (in a construction related industry--not a good place to be). Wouldn't it be our luck that just before referral, he'll lose his job.

That's my biggest worry about this whole financial mess: something will get in the way of our second adoption. All of this waiting and money spent and we'll end up without another child. I pray that doesn't happen. That's all I can do. We've done everything we can do from our end to prepare. It's up to the Big Guy now! I know His plan is better than mine, so we'll just have to wait and see.

...and clip some more coupons!

Is this financial crisis affecting your adoption? Leave me a comment!


My3Monkeys said...

I have been a coupon clipping maniac lately!! It is not affecting an adoption for us, but just day-to-day life!

Cindy said...

I tagged you! Hope that is okay!



Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Yes, it HAS affected us. And right before we're set to travel for our little boy. :( We're trusting the Lord to provide for us!!