Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adoption Ministry

Ok, pity party, whine fest over. Sorry about that previous post. I'm back to looking for flowers in this weedy wait.

Today's topic...Adoption Ministries

My hubby and I started an adoption ministry at our church just before we traveled to adopt our daughter. We have a fairly large congregation and at least 20 families who have adopted. I started out pretty fired up, as did the ministry. Now, 3 years later, my motivation has fizzled a bit and so has the ministry.

We do have a little grant program going that provides small grants to members of our church who adopt. I really just want our members to feel supported, both emotionally and financially through an adoption. I also want to educate the church and encourage others to adopt. We've tried to bring in guest speakers, but have had little (or no) attendance. Not sure how to kick it up a notch.

Anyone else have a ministry at their church. What's working for you? What isn't?
I've found that once people adopt their child and return home, they just get busy being a family. Nothing wrong with that, I do that, too! But, my heart can't forget the children left behind, the ones still waiting in other countries, the children still waiting right down the road. Someone has to speak for these kids and I believe God still wants me to try!

Send me any ideas you have. A great resource for starting a ministry at your own church is Shaohannah's Hope. Back to doing good things with the wait!

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