Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Distracted by Dust Bunnies

I've been having trouble coming up with witty and thought provoking blog post ideas. I've been busy with another way to pass the time while waiting--selling our house. As in the realtor is coming on Friday with a sign and the contracts, so I think we are seriously doing it! Of course, I know the selling market is bad. Unfortunately, we didn't pick a very good neighborhood 8 years ago when we bought our house, so we've known for awhile that selling it wasn't going to be profitable. Thankfully, the real estate market in our area is one of the only areas in the country that is holding steady. We'll just have to see how it all works out.

I've been working on cleaning out closets and finding every speck of dust in the house. (ok, more like ball of dust). If nothing else, I will have a sparkling clean house. Too bad it's not time for a home study update!

Selling the house is one of the things that we've put off while waiting for a referral. We've also shelved vacations, looking for new jobs, buying a different car, etc. It feels like you kind of put your life on hold while you wait. At least, we've tried not to make any major decisions. I guess we're tired of holding, so up goes the "For Sale" sign.

Have you felt like you were "on hold", too? What kind of things have you put off? Have you changed your mind and just started living like normal people who aren't "waiting" for some incredibly important phone call?

Thanks for the break. Look out dust bunnies...I'm coming to find you!!!


Cindy said...

I have found that I do my best cleaning when I am waiting for something (rather than hitting the "refresh" key on my email 10 times an hour and checking to make sure I didn't miss any calls). Yesterday I tackled the pantry and it looks great now. We are currently evaluating what home improvement projects we can tackle this year without dipping too much into our savings for the adoption.

Sarah said...

I often feel that my life is on hold too, and I just want to press the Tivo fast forward button to start my "real life." Badoop, badoop, badoop! (The sound tivo makes when you fast foward through commercials.)