Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Ocean of Blessings

This post brought to you from beautiful Nags Head, NC....

I've taken up waiting at the beach for a few days, and I must say this is the way to wait!! Funny thing just happened and I had to share. So, I forgot to pack my Bible (hangs her head in shame), but fortunately my friend brought 2 with her. She gave me one to borrow and I just headed out to the balcony to crack it open. I've been reading Proverbs, so I opened it up and the first page I see is a devotional about waiting. It even asked the question, "Did you ever consider waiting to be a blessing?"

Coincidence...I think not! Even in this amazing location, I still have pangs of waiting blues. I remember several years ago when we were waiting for our first daughter's referral. We had to attend a workshop in the Charleston area as part of our adoption education. My husband and I were out on the beach watching families with children and wishing our child were there with us.

Here we are 3 years later, watching our 4 year old build sand castles and run from the water, and we are now wishing our second child was here with us. You get one blessing, and you want another!

I've sent up my "thanks for the reminder" prayer and I'm going to enjoy every minute of this trip with my family. I know God gave us the desire for another child and there's nothing wrong with waiting expectantly for Him to fulfill that desire. In the meanwhile, I'm going to celebrate the blessings I already have. Especially the one that is covered with sand and singing instead of napping!

Celebrate your blessings today! If you need me, I'll be making sand castles.

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Andrea said...

Excellent! Glad your having a good time.