Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun-Raising Friday

It's Friday and no, I did not forget the "d" in my post title. I'm looking for ideas to raise the level of fun in my life. I'm guilty of getting into routines and not seeking out new adventures. Whether you are single, married, with kids, waiting for the first kid, etc, you can always use a little more fun in your life, right?

When I think back on my childhood, I remember few material possessions, but I remember lots of fun family memories. Our activities usually centered around family and were inexpensive. I loved going for Sunday drives, even if my constant chatter probably drove my parents (and I know, my sister) crazy! I still like to play car games to pass the time (and now I drive hubby crazy instead). I'm challenging myself to make fun memories for my daughter, too.

Last weekend, we took a drive to the country and picked strawberries. I did this last year with my daughter and she has talked about it for an entire year. This time hubby wanted to come, too. We had just started picking and the first few I threw in the basket were quite dirty. I heard a little voice say, "Mommy, these strawberries don't taste very good." Ooops, I didn't realize she would start eating them so quickly! Once I found a few cleaner berries, she had a juicy faced grin! Yummy burgers from a little diner on the way home topped off our day of fun. (Plus, I'm still enjoying those berries!).

Here's a challenge to raise the fun at your house and let us know what you tried! Not sure what's on the agenda at our house this weekend, so share your ideas! Having more fun HAS to be a "good thing" while waiting.


Cindy said...

This year, I have started hosting a monthly dessert get-together in my home. It's a chance to get together, enjoy some girl-talk, and relax. So often, the only time I get together with other women is when someone is throwing a sales-type party. . .and with saving for our adoption, I just can't afford to go to all those parties all of the time. Hmmm...thanks for the reminder about strawberries. We may have to to head out and pick some ourselves!


Andrea said...

Picnics in the back yard! Always fun.